Moody and melancholic, Swallowtale play dark tinged alternative rock but effortlessly convey a full range of emotions within their powerful and sometimes confronting songs.

Founded and fronted by South Korean native Kyler Hwang, who also acts as the bands primary lyricist and composer, Swallowtale formed after Kyler tirelessly searched for members to complete his artistic vision. Finally settling upon Sarunas (bass), Luis (drums) and Gen (guitar), Swallowtale was complete.

With each member bringing something different to the table, Swallowtales strength lies with their artistic diversity, while being able to provide a stable platform for Kyler's commanding vocals to take centre stage.

Unafraid to focus on vulgar emotions or the core of human unpleasantness, Swallowtale aim to give their listeners a sense of melancholy, but with a remarkable sense of profoundness.

Swallowtale's debut single 'Black Swan' is out now.

'Black Swan' - Purchase on iTunes HERE

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Date: January 13, 2016