Red Von Heart

All small-town rebels need an anthem. Step forward Red Von Heart, real name Craig Hoareau, whose new single "Rock This Town" is a saucy slice of catchy attitude-pop for outsiders, everywhere. Born in Hampstead, Craig grew up in his mother’s home country of Seychelles, where he enjoyed a diverse musical culture from soul, hip hop and reggae to David Bowie. Craig rebelled against local small-mindedness with a love of Madonna, Boy George, Queen and Lady Gaga, but despite singing in school choirs and performances, he kept his passion to be a pop star secret until he moved to London two years ago. This musical upbringing emerges in "Rock This Town", a pop-meets-power chords anthem about starting fights and not giving a damn. Its glitter-punch is reminiscent of Gaga’s "Born This Way" and Katy Perry’s "Hot N Cold", with a touch of vintage Pink and Britney. Straddling all sorts of gender and sexual divides in his leather studs and Adam Rambert-esque make-up, Craig Hoareau is certain to be heard blasting out of speakers this summer from back-of-the-bus phones to G-A-Y. It’s time to give the boy dry ice and a podium – he’s having a blast. "Rock This Town" is out now from DA Music Group.
Date: January 13, 2016