Hollie Thubron

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Determined, focused perfectionist acoustic singer-songwriter Hollie Thubron’s entire life has revolved around music for as long as she can remember. The youngest in a split family, Hollie sought refuge in music and her songs have been an emotional outlet for her ever since.

Inspired by the likes of Laura Marling, Passenger and James Bay, Hollie aims for a similar ability to sing and write about independence, individual strength, and self-reliance. Her new found expressiveness saw Hollie break out from her bedroom into regularly playing live gigs in bars, clubs and shopping centres.

Hollie’s first official single ‘Fred’ was written after having someone come into her life whose positivity was so inspiring that she wanted others to experience the same attitude also. This shines through on the tracks upbeat and sprightly melody and carried by Hollie’s sweet and captivating vocals.

Hollie Thubron’s debut single ‘Fred’ is out now.  
Date: January 13, 2016