Soulful, sleek, sultry, daring and edgy are the words reviewers have used to describe singer/songwriter Despina. Influenced by artists such as the Supremes, Jill Scott and 2Pac, Despina draws from these artists raw emotion that can be felt through her music which she describes as never sugar coated this is why most can relate to it. Despina moved to England from Cyprus at a very young age. Too shy to perform, music helped her integrate into the new society as it helped improve her confidence. In her own words Despina explains ‘Music gives me a sense of freedom & I love the creativity it affords me. I love hearing instruments, being free to express myself and to share my experiences and journey through life. Music really is my drug’ Having studied sound engineering and music production, Despina understands the tools that compliment her voice and skills which enable her to stamp her identity on every track not just in the vocal booth but in the production process as a whole Her debut single O.V.E.R was released on the 6th of Feb 2015 on iTunes and other major digital outlets. Her follow up single ‘Love Knots’ is out now . Click HERE to buy
Date: January 13, 2016