Alexia North

Alexandra Nordwall was born 1995, in a small town in Sweden. Music has for as long as she can remember been a huge part in her life. Her memories of growing up are filled with singing and crafting. Around the age of 10 she remembers building a stage in her backyard and inviting the neighbors over, for a small penny of course! She was around the age of 13 when she decided that she wanted to start doing music for real and at 14 she started taking singing and stage-performance classes. One year later she enrolled into music school and whilst there she developed her talent incredibly! Alex’s songwriting has been influenced by experiences of finding it hard to fit in at school and feeling different compared to the other kids. Just like so many artist before her she believes music saved her. ‘’Music has a fantastic way of making you forget the world for a while’’ she states. In the future she says she will always make music, even if it won’t result in success. ‘’To be honest it’s not a matter of whether or not I want to work with music but a matter of that I have to in order to function’’. She then continues ‘’although, of course the dream is and will always be to play at Madison square garden someday’’! Check out Alexia on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram  
Date: January 03, 2016